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VPS Hosting

25x Faster, turbo powered VPS hosting at your fingertips

  • Free SSL certificate included in every plan 
  • Free dedicated IP address 
  • 24/7 customer support available 

VPS Hosting

25x Faster, turbo powered VPS hosting at your fingertips

  • Free SSL certificate included in every plan 
  • Free dedicated IP address 
  • 24/7 customer support available

What is VPS hosting?

A VPS, or virtual private server, is a server that provides you with dedicated resources on a server with multiple users. It’s a safer and more secure answer to shared hosting without needing devoted server space. This makes it a more cost-effective solution than dedicated hosting.

By harnessing virtualization technology, Elite will install a virtual layer on top of the server‘s operating system. This layer splits the server into separate areas, allowing all users to install and use their own OS and software, simulating their own physical server.

A VPS is great for those looking for a powerful, yet cost-effective way to run their site. The server provides you with your own secluded container with your own scalable resources (ie. your website’s memory, CPU cores, memory) that are dedicated to you.

How Virtual Private Servers are hosted by The Elite Web Co.

vps hosting on fast networks

Fast networks​

Get blazing-fast hosting on OpenStack with high-performance SSDs and KVM virtualization, which gives you unrestricted access over your hardware resources.

complete control on vps hosting

Complete control

Maintain full control over your server and tailor it to your specific requirements (up to the operating system level).

root access and ssh keys on vps hosting

Root access and SSH Keys

With VPS hosting, you’ll have full root access as well as SSH keys, meaning you have no limits within your account. This gives you access to all files, the ability to install third-party software and more!

website backups with vps hosting


For self-managed hosting packages, Set up hourly, daily or weekly backups, as well as an on-demand snapshot, and troubleshoot problems with the recovery console (even if you don’t have SSH access). Additionally, if you have a fully-managed hosting plan, a specialised crew is available to assist you with local backup solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Host your VPS server your way:

Self Managed and Fully Managed VPS comparison:

Self Managed VPS Hosting From $5.99 Fully Managed VPS Hosting From $107.99
Who is it for? For experienced developers that want full control over their VPS. For individuals that don’t have the time or skills, to maintain a VPS.
Performance / RAM 1 – 32 GB RAM 2 – 32 GB RAM
Operating Systems CentOS, Ubuntu or Windows Server CentOS or Windows Server
Control Panel cPanel/WHM, Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition cPanel/WHM or Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition
Monitoring and alerts 5-minute intervals 1-minute intervals
Additional dedicated IP options
CPU, RAM, disk & uptime
Services monitoring
Proactive remediation
Standard Hosting phone support
Comprehensive help/how-to video library and technical blogs
Community peer-to-peer advice
Dedicated services team – (control panel recommended) Paid Option Unlimited service requests.
Site migrations Paid Option First 5 are free. 70% off 6+.
Server setup Paid Option
DNS setup and configuration Paid Option
SSL installation Paid Option
HTTP/2 server configuration Paid Option
SQL Server Express install Paid Option
Package management Paid Option
Email client setup Paid Option
PHP module install/upgrade Paid Option
MySQL optimization Paid Option
WordPress setup Paid Option
Call for custom service request Paid Option
Disk space audit Paid Option
Firewall rules configuration Paid Option

Popular uses for VPS Hosting:


Open your online store up to the world with our eCommerce suited VPS hosting plans. With apps like Magento available, you’ll be making sales in no time!

Multiple Sites

Thanks to our isolated server environment, you’ll be able to host multiple websites at once – all without impacting the response time of any one site. 

Web or database server

Whether you’re using Linux, MySQL or Apache, you’ll be able to set up a web or database server easily and quickly. 

Resource-heavy applications

No matter what kind of app you want to run, our VPS hosting servers has the power to sustain your application.

Email server

Our VPS hosting servers are capable of running an email server for your business and clients. Or, check out our email plans available.

Test environments

Take advantage of the test servers available to help test the speed and response time of your site or app. 

Online Gaming Servers

Our VPS hosting servers are a great way to host your own Minecraft server for you and your friends!

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VPS Hosting operational system information:

cpanel operating system for vps hosting and dedicated servers


CentOS is a simple, lightweight operating system designed for fast and consistent performance. It’s regarded as one of the best OS’s for hosting sites. It’s fast and reliable connection makes it an ideal choice for VPS hosting without risking any security protocol.

ubuntu operating system for vps hosting and dedicated servers


One of the most popular operating systems for VPS hosting, Unbuntu is an open-source OS that gives users a reliable area to host their websites. Ubuntu is great in its user-friendly interface, and is ideal for those looking for something they can adjust and adapt to quickly and easily. 

windows plesk operating system with vps hosting

Windows (Plesk)

Our VPS Hosting plans also come with the option to use the Windows (Plesk) Obisidian operating system. This is another great and user-friendly way to manage your Virtual private server.

VPS Hosting by The Elite Web Co.

If you’re looking for credibility and stability in your VPS hosting provider, know that we’re the world’s #1 hosting provider. That means millions of people trust their sites and applications to Elite. We offer high-performance KVM VPS hosting with flexible configurations for every budget, including automated weekly backups with scheduling and on-demand, monitoring, alert tools and expert support.

You also get to choose from Linux or Windows operating systems with optional control panels (cPanel/WHM or Plesk Obsidian Webhost Edition). And for those that don’t have the time or skill set to manage their server, we offer Fully Managed VPS hosting or one-time paid task-based services.

All Web Hosting Options

Windows Plesk Hosting

Windows web hosting is perfect for those who use ASP.NET, ASP or SQL Server.

Starting at

Cloud VPS Hosting

Get the super power and flexibility you need with Cloud VPS hosting.

Starting at

cPanel (Linux) Hosting

All plans include one-click install, 99.9% uptime, 24/7 security monitoring and an easy-to-use control panel.

Starting at

Web Hosting Plus

Dedicated speed for ecommerce sites, plugin-heavy CMS or high-traffic sites.

Starting at

WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress Hosting provides automatic setup, backups and software updates paired with 24/7, award-winning support.

Starting at

WooCommerce Hosting

Our WooCommerce Hosting allows you to sell anything, anywhere online – from physical goods to digital downloads, services, and subscriptions. Including over $6000 of WooCommerce extensions

Starting at

Do I need fully-managed or self-managed VPS hosting?

Choosing between self-managed and fully-managed VPS’ depends on your needs. Self-managed VPS’ offer more control but require you to handle everything yourself. They are cost-effective for those with expertise. Fully managed VPS’, while more expensive, are convenient, with experts handling everything. Your decision should consider your technical proficiency, budget, and desired level of control.

For more information to help you choose whether you need fully-managed or self-managed VPS hosting, check out our informative blog post.

self managed or fully managed vps

Pamela L
Happiness engineer

The ELITEWEB.Co call center

No.1 award-winning expert support

We all know that even the most advanced technology is only as good as the people who put it together. That’s why, in addition to a variety of other services, we provide skilled phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call (480) 624-2500 to reach our technical support team.

VPS Hosting FAQs:

A VPS, or virtual private server, is a server that provides you with dedicated resources on a server with multiple users. It’s a safer and more secure answer to shared hosting without needing dedicated server space. This makes it a more cost-effective solution than dedicated hosting.


Unmanaged VPS (also known as “Self-Managed VPS”) tends to require an advanced degree of technical know-how and basic understanding of Linux and the command line. Unmanaged VPS hosting plans allows you to configure and update VPS hosting to your exact preference.

But, if you prefer to have an expert manage your hosting and the tech stuff (freeing up more time for you to focus on your business), then fully-managed VPS Hosting might be the right choice to fulfil your hosting needs.

VPS hosting is ideal for those who have some knowledge of servers and will make use of a bigger online space. Essentially, it’s perfect for those who need a large amount of power and control over their server, whilst maintaining a smaller budget.  

ELITE servers are located around the globe. Choose your server location during setup in North America, Europe, Africa or Asia-Pacific.

Yes. All VPS hosting includes automated weekly snapshots so you can schedule backup time – or create a backup on demand. 

Although the average time for us to provision your account will likely be mere minutes, it may take up to 24 hours or more. But, if you need your hosting right away, please call us and we’ll do our best to speed things up. 

ELITE VPS Hosting offers both Linux (CentOS or Ubuntu) and Windows Server. 

Yes! We offer Windows VPS hosting with resources staring at 2 GB RAM up to 32 GB RAM. Plus, you may add Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition (for WordPress and website administration) to create and manage your sites. 

ELITE VPS includes one free dedicated IP address. In the past, multiple IP addresses were needed for things like SSL and SEO. However, now with emerging technology, 1 dedicated IP works for:

  • Multiple SSL certificates. Your server supports Server Name Indication (SNI), which means you no longer need a dedicated IP address for each SSL certificate on the server. 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).  As long as each site has its own directory, a single IP address does not negatively impact SEO on the websites hosted on your server.
  • Site previews. Your customers can preview their websites using the same IP address as long as you’ve correctly configured cPanel or Plesk. 

Yes, VPS hosting is best suited for web developers and system administrators that have the technical knowledge to manage a server. VPS offers more power and flexibility than standard shared hosting, and with it comes more server management complexity. But for those looking for the power of VPS — and the simplicity of a standard cPanel experience to manage their sites — we recommend ELITE Business Hosting. 

VPS hosting gives you high performance with an isolated environment where the CPU, RAM and storage is 100% dedicated and not shared with any other websites or apps. That, compared to shared hosting, results in higher performance and security along with more flexibility and control over the server.

VPS hosting also offers higher resources and bandwidth/traffic than shared hosting, which means faster load times and unlimited traffic. A VPS allows the admin more control over security hardening and is less vulnerable to hackers in comparison to shared hosting. With shared hosting, if a site gets hacked there’s a greater chance that other websites on the server will also be compromised. Conversely, due to virtual isolation, a hacked VPS on the same hardware, won’t affect surrounding VPS environments. And with root access, there are no restrictions on the applications you install; you can access and edit the system files, settings and server logons. 

Since you’ll have full root access, you are free to customize your website by installing a wide variety of third party software, meaning you can turn your website into whatever you desire! 

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