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What is .ai domain name and how could I use it for my website?

William Bacchus
William Bacchus

Published: September 1, 2023

Last updated: September 1, 2023

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What are .ai domain names

When the term ‘AI‘ is mentioned, it often evokes images of robots, smart speakers, and artificial intelligence. Hence, if you’re in the tech industry and need a domain, choosing a .ai domain could be an ideal choice.

Whether you’re well-versed in domain names or unfamiliar with their definition, this article aims to assist you in determining whether .ai is the perfect fit for your needs. Discover the benefits of this unique domain extension and make an informed decision for your online presence.

What is a .ai domain name?

Looking to grab a delicious slice of the online pie? Let’s start by understanding the significance of a ‘top-level domain’ before delving into the world of .ai domains.

Take a glance at your browser bar and you’ll notice a ‘.co‘. This is the type of TLD that The Elite Web Co., use. The second-level domain (SLD), which in our case is ‘eliteweb’, can be found to the left of the dot.

There are two main types of top-level domains: generic top-level domains (gTLDs) and country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs). While gTLDs can complement the SLD’s overall message, such as using .biz for a startup or .bike for a bicycle shop, ccTLDs are designed for specific countries or locations.

Surprisingly, the .ai domain is a country code level domain, not specifically created for artificial intelligence. So, what country do .ai domains belong to? This unique domain extension is associated with Anguilla, a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean. The government of Anguilla owns this TLD, making it exclusive to the country.

Anguilla – not just a holiday destination, but also a domain name hotspot

However, despite being a ccTLD, the .ai domain is widely used as a gTLD by technology and IT companies worldwide. It has gained a reputation for being the go-to domain for artificial intelligence companies.

Additionally, the .ai domain is highly versatile and can be utilized as a ‘domain hack.’ By combining the second-level domain with the top-level domain, you can create catchy words or phrases. For instance, if you sell bonsai-related products, imagine having the web domain This instantly communicates your website’s focus on the cultivation of tiny trees.

At Elite, we offer a wide range of exciting gTLDs and ccTLDs for you to explore. Check out our TLD list to discover the latest top-level domains that you’re sure to love.

Who can use the .ai domain?

Despite its ccTLD roots, the .ai domain is widely utilized by businesses in the AI industry, as it is commonly understood to represent ‘artificial intelligence’. With machine learning being a thriving sector within the tech industry, securing a .ai domain is highly advantageous for organizations involved in various AI applications, such as driverless cars and text recognition. Unsure about when to use a .ai domain? While it is primarily associated with artificial intelligence, it is also suitable for creative domain hacks. So, if you’re not into bonsai, perhaps would be more appealing to you.

How expensive are .ai domain names?

The pricing of domain names isn’t a black and white answer. The way domain pricing works is completely based off demand for that particular domain name. This means domain names can cost between $6 and $6,000 per year. For .ai domain names, the current price lingers around $131.98 / yr. Whilst this may seem quite pricey, it is seen by those who own one as a worthy investment by those who own one due to the traffic they get from having a .ai domain name as well as the Return On Investment (ROI).

When encountering a pricey top-level domain (TLD), it’s essential to pause and evaluate its value. Can I comfortably afford the cost of the domain name? Is there a possibility that someone else might have a similar concept and be interested in purchasing it?

If the response to these questions is an easy “yes,” then registering a .ai domain extension is a wise choice. Start the process today and secure a domain that perfectly aligns with your needs!

.Ai domain names have gained popularity for many reasons. Here are the top 10:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Focus: The abbreviation “AI” in .ai aligns with the growing interest and investment in artificial intelligence technologies. Many companies and startups working in AI-related fields prefer .ai domain names to signify their expertise.
  2. Tech and Innovation.: The .ai domain extension is seen as tech-savvy and innovative, making it appealing to technology companies, startups, and businesses involved in cutting-edge industries.
  3. Short and Memorable: .Ai is a short and easy-to-remember domain extension, which is important for branding and online marketing efforts.
  4. Availability: .Ai domains are relatively new, so there’s a higher chance of finding a desired domain name compared to more established extensions like .com.
  5. Global Appeal: The term “AI” transcends language barriers and has global recognition, making .ai domain names suitable for businesses with international audiences.
  6. Distinct Identity: A .ai domain name helps a website stand out and create a distinctive online identity, particularly for businesses with a focus on AI, technology, or innovation.
  7. Creative Use Cases: .Ai domains can be creatively used for various purposes beyond AI-related topics, such as personal branding, portfolio websites, or creative projects.
  8. SEO Benefits: Depending on the content and relevance of your website, having a domain name that matches your niche (e.g., “” for an AI-related blog) can positively impact SEO rankings.
  9. Brandable: The .ai extension can be incorporated into creative and brandable domain names that convey a sense of intelligence, innovation, or forward-thinking.
  10. Future Growth Potential: As AI and technology continue to evolve, .ai domains may become even more valuable and relevant, making them a forward-looking choice.

Whilst these may seem great reasons, there are some set backs that may affect your choice. It’s important to consider these too.

Disadvantages of a .ai domain name:

  1. Niche Focus: The .ai domain is closely associated with artificial intelligence and tech-related topics. If your website’s content or business does not align with this niche, the domain might not accurately represent your brand or services.
  2. Higher Registration Costs: .ai domains can be relatively expensive compared to more common extensions like .com or .net. This cost may be a barrier for individuals or small businesses with budget constraints. However, we went over the justification to this earlier.
  3. Limited Availability: While .ai domains offer more availability compared to some other niche extensions, desirable and short domain names may still be challenging to obtain. However, this could be considered a disadvantage for all domain names.

Is a .ai domain name safe?

When it comes to registering a domain, it’s crucial to follow the rules and restrictions to ensure authenticity and trustworthiness. This is particularly important for TLDs like the .ai domain, which prioritize visitor safety and security. Complying with registry requirements, registration and renewal period for domains must be a minimum of 2 years, although periods of 4 to 10 years are available.

To safeguard your data, it’s essential to be aware of where it can be accessed. During domain registration, personal contact information such as name, address, and phone number is required and publicly displayed on the Whois database, making it available to anyone. However, when registering your domain with The Elite Web Co., you can enjoy the benefit of free domain privacy protection for life. This service ensures your data remains hidden and protected from potential fraudsters.

Additionally, Elite offers the use of premium DNS servers, providing 100% uptime. As well as this, they offer website security for a cost of less than $5 per month. By taking advantage of this, you can enjoy the full benefits of the .ai domain while guaranteeing your data’s safety. Register your .ai domain today and experience the excellence of our services.

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William Bacchus
William Bacchus
Will joined the Elite team in 2021. He has a background in content writing as well as a keen interest in media journalism. His interests include taijutsu and a immense passion for film and television. He aims to inform as many people as he possibly can about the vast and often confusing nature of web design!

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