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Move my WordPress site automatically

Managed WordPress comes with an auto-migration feature to conveniently move your existing site.

  • Go to your ELITE WEB Co. product page.
  • In your My Products page, in the Managed WordPress section, select Manage All.
  • Next to Managed WordPress, select + Create Site. 

Note: If you see You don’t have any available sites, select Buy New Plan to purchase an additional plan, or select Cancel to return to your list of WordPress websites.

  • From the list of Your existing plans, select the Managed WordPress plan you want to use for the site you’re moving, and then select Next

Note: If you have only one site available, we’ll automatically select that plan for you and you won’t see a list of your plans. Continue with the next step.

  • Select Migrate an existing WordPress site.
  • Fill out the remaining fields to get your site migrated.
    1. Which site would you like to migrate? – Domain name of the site you’re migrating.
    2. WordPress Username and WordPress Password – Admin username.
    3. Once the migrating site has been reached successfully and the admin credentials provided are correct, select Continue.
    4. Select the appropriate Data Center for your region.
    5. Select Start Migrating.
  • It may take a while before the migration is completed, larger and more complex sites could take more time. We’ll send an email when we’re finished migrating your site.

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