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Your Managed WordPress has blocklisted the following plugins, meaning you cannot install them, and if we detect them installed on your account, they will be removed.

Required: This article applies to all Managed WordPress Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate, Developer, Pro and Ecommerce accounts. This is not an exhaustive list. Any plugin that fits into these categories or is otherwise known to cause problems may be added to the list or disabled at any time.

It’s important to understand that there are diligent plugin developers who correct issues quickly and publish an immediate update. As such, plugins listed with version info serve to identify the versions that are blocklisted.

Often a newer or updated version doesn’t have the same vulnerability that the plugin was blocklisted for and can still be installed. Plugins that don’t have version info are just blocklisted as no updated or improved versions are available.

 Note: Updated versions can typically be installed unless specifically noted in the More info column.

Recently Blocklisted

The most recently added plugins are listed here at the top as well as in their respective categories to highlight any recent threats to the hosting environment and your website.

Plugin nameCategoryMore info
Real-time Find and ReplaceSecurityVersions 3.9 and older – vulnerability details
NextGEN GallerySecurityVersions 3.2.10 and older – vulnerability details


Your Managed WordPress account already provides 30 days’ worth of backups, so these plugins duplicate an existing function.

To backup your site on demand, you can use sFTP access and a database backup plugin like WP-DB-Backup or WP-DBManager.

Plugin nameMore info
6scan-backupAbandoned/unsupported plugin
ezpz-one-click-backupAbandoned/unsupported plugin with duplicate functionality
the-codetree-backupAbandoned/unsupported plugin
updraft Note: We do not blocklist UpdraftPlus.Abandoned/unsupported plugin
wponlinebackupAbandoned/unsupported plugin with duplictate functionality


Your Managed WordPress account already has caching built into it.

Plugin nameMore info
w3-total-cacheSee description of category
wp-cacheSee description of category
wp-cachecomSee description of category
wp-fast-cacheSee description of category
wp-fastest-cacheSee description of category
wp-file-cacheSee description of category
wp-super-cacheSee description of category

Duplicate Functionality

These plugins duplicate functionality in various parts of our system.

Plugin nameMore info
6scan-protectionAbandoned/unsupported plugin with duplicate functionality
adminerSee description of category
portable-phpmyadminSee description of category
wordpress-gzip-compressionSee description of category
wp-phpmyadminSee description of category


These plugins don’t perform well, in general, especially on large sites.

Plugin nameMore info
adsense-click-fraud-monitoringSee description of category
broken-link-checkerInstead, use client software on your computer or an external service
google-sitemap-generatorVersions 4.0 and older — Instead use Google Sitemap or WordPress SEO
google-xml-sitemaps-with-multisite-supportInstead use Google Sitemap or WordPress SEO

Related posts

These plugins increase database load by using inefficient queries, poor caching, or poor scaling on large sites.

However, you can use any service that handles the relationship logic off-site like outbrain or Jetpack.

Plugin nameMore info
contextual-related-postsSee description of category
fuzzy-seo-boosterSee description of category
seo-alrpSee description of category
similar-postsSee description of category
wordpress-popular-postsVersions 3.1.1 and older
yet-another-featured-posts-pluginSee description of category
yet-another-related-posts-pluginSee description of category

Security Issues

These plugins have associated security issues identified in the More info column.

Plugin nameMore info
clefAbandoned/unsupported plugin
InfiniteWP ClientVersions 1.3.8 and older – vulnerability details
NextGEN GalleryVersions 3.2.10 and older – vulnerability details
MailPoetVersions 2.6.6 and older — vulnerability details
Pipdig Power PackVersions 4.7.3 and older – vulnerability details
slick-popupVersions 1.7.1 and older
toolspackVulnerability details
wp-copysafe-webVulnerability details
wp-copysafe-pdfVulnerability details
wp-database-backupVersions 5.1 and older
wp-live-chat-supportVersions 8.0.33 and older – vulnerability details
Real-time Find and ReplaceVersions 3.9 and older – vulnerability details


Your account does not work with these plugins because they negatively impact your websites’ performance because they send many requests to your database and can prevent site caching.

However, you can use any service that records and stores your stats off-site. These include Chartbeat (paid), Google Analytics (free), Jetpack (free) and (free).

Plugin nameMore info
jr-referrerSee description of category
referrer-wpSee description of category
statpressSee description of category
wp-postviewsSee description of category
wp-power-statsSee description of category
wp-slimstatSee description of category


These plugins don’t add any value and may not work correctly on our system.

Plugin nameMore info
Hello DollySee description of category
p3-profilerNo longer receiving updates
sgcachepressFrom customers migrating from SiteGround, not needed
synthesisFrom customers migrating from Synthesis, not needed
wordpress-beta-testerNon-functional on ELITE WEB Co. Managed WordPress Hosting
wp-engine-snapshotFrom customers migrating from WP Engine, not needed
wpengine-commonFrom customers migrating from WP Engine, not needed

More info

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