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Welcome to The WordPress LAB By ELITE WEB.

Thank you for purchasing one of our products. With the purchase of any product from the WP LAB by ELITE WEB, you will gain access to our dedicated bespoke helpdesk. Here you will be able to;

Your WP LAB Login and Password: Your log-in details have been sent to you via a secure email form. it contains a username and password for you to log in, please ensure to check your spam folder.
Alternatively, search for this subject within your email: “Your WordPress LAB account has been created!”.

NOTE: The WordPress LAB is a separate department within ELITE WEB. The WP LAB looks after the Supercharged WordPress Plans and Website Design only.
For Domains, Hosting, Email, Security and SSL Services, contact our sales and support team in your local country. head over to and view our contact page to find the correct support line for your location. 

You can easily log in to your account by clicking either of the highlighted buttons as shown above. We recommend bookmarking the login page. To do this please click on the relevant browser to see instructions on how to do this in: ChromeSafari or Firefox.

Once you are logged in, your account will look a lot like the above. From your account, you have two quick links ‘SUPPORT TICKET AREA’ which will take you to the page where all of your previous and current support tickets are kept. The ‘CREATE NEW SUPPORT TICKET‘ link will take you to the ticket submission form.

Click ‘Submit a ticket’ to (you’ve guessed it), submit a ticket as shown above. This will lead you to a form that can be filled and submitted to us. One of our expert WordPress LAB developers will then assist you. 

In your ticket area, you will be able to view all past and current tickets. Here you can see the ticket status, which developer the ticket has been assigned to, and our responses to them. You can respond back by clicking on the relevant ticket.

To view your website’s analytics simply click on the button ‘Web Analytics‘. Here you can view your website’s analytics powered by Google. The WP LAB team has restructured and simplified this for easier viewing. This also includes e-commerce reports if you are on a Supercharged Pro Plan or above.

Within your account, you will see the ‘Supercharged Reports‘ tab. Here you will be able to keep an eye on how much time the WP LAB experts spend on your site each month, maintaining, updating and keeping each site secure.

If you have any issues, please contact our WordPress LAB team at

Best wishes,
The WP LAB Team.

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