How does Microsoft 365 migration work?

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ELITE WEB Co. offers email migration services to Microsoft 365. We take care of all the hard work moving your email data, and at each step, we’ll message you and your email users with reminders, plus any instructions required to complete the transition.

If you’ve set up your Outlook client with POP email settings, you and your users are required to download and install the Outlook Migration Assistant in order to migrate any local data. The assistant will copy your client configurations and prepare each desktop with those existing settings. Be sure your computers/users all meet the requirements.

Starting the Migration

In order to begin your migration to Microsoft 365, you need to contact a ELITE WEB Co. Guidecustomer support representative so they can walk you through customizing your migration, including:

  1. Which mailboxes are migrating to Microsoft 365
  2. Setting up any add-ons like Advanced Email Security, Email Archiving, or Email Backup
  3. Adding email aliases, distribution groups and/or forwarding addresses
  4. Choosing a date to start using Microsoft 365

Step 1: Domain Verification

Microsoft 365 setup requires proof you own your domain by entering a TXT record on the domain DNS. We’ll send you the instructions to update your DNS by email. It’s important to get this done as early as possible or your migration may be delayed. This change won’t interrupt your current email service.

Note: If you already set up your Microsoft 365 accounts prior to contacting a Guideour support team, or if your domain and DNS are in the same ELITE WEB Co. account as the migration, we’ll perform this step for you. The TXT for a ELITE WEB Co. managed DNS isn’t usually needed.

Step 2: Collecting Passwords

  1. In order for us to migrate email from your current email service to Microsoft 365, we need to access your accounts to start the data sync. In order to accomplish this, our migration partner, SkyKick ( will send each end-user an email with a unique secure link that will ask you or your users to provide their email address and password. This is the current email address and password you’re using now.

Note: If you’re migrating from ELITE WEB Co. Workspace Email, you don’t have to enter your current email passwords. We already have everything we need to handle this part, and you don’t need to provide any extra details or passwords to proceed.

2. Once you’ve entered your current information, the page will ask you to set a password for your new Microsoft 365 account. This is the password you’ll use to access your new account.

3. After creating your new password, we’ll begin migrating emails in the background while you continue to use your current email service.

Step 3: Download the Outlook Migration Assistant

Required: Be sure you and your end users are qualified to use this program by going over the requirements. If you’re not eligible, you might not get all of your data.

To make the migration process smoother, and allow us to move even more of your data and settings, we recommend that you and your email users download and install the Outlook Migration Assistant before your scheduled upgrade date. The assistant is only available for Windows PC users.

If the qualified users download and install the program prior to the migration date, the Outlook Migration Assistant does the following for them:

  1. Automatically creates a new profile in Outlook that will use the new Microsoft 365 email
  2. Migrate local .PST content from the old email into the new profile. This means things like:
    • POP email data
    • Contacts/Calendars/Tasks
    • Signatures
    • Autocomplete cache

The account holder will receive daily reports on the Outlook Migration Assistant downloads by your email users. We highly recommend that everyone (who can) downloads and installs the assistant as early in the process as possible.

Anyone unable to use the Outlook Migration Assistant will need to manually move any local content and set up their client manually. We’ll send instructions to these users on the migration date. Mac users and those without Outlook already set up can’t use the Outlook Migration Assistant.

Step 4: Migration Day – DNS Cutover

On the date and time of your choosing, you’ll be ready to start using Microsoft 365. You’ll need to change your DNS settings to point to Microsoft 365 before using your new email.

These settings are emailed to you 8 hours prior to the migration, so if you need to take steps to prepare with your DNS provider, be ready to give them these DNS instructions. If your domain and DNS are with ELITE WEB Co., we’ll make these changes for you.

If you downloaded the Outlook Migration Assistant, the DNS will need to be updated in order for the assistant to finish setting up your Outlook client.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

When you start using your email, almost all of the data will be there, but it’s possible that you’ll be missing some of your newer emails. Once you begin using Microsoft 365, you’ll want to allow for up to 48 hours while we sync final emails from your previous email server to your new Microsoft 365 account.

We’ll continue to monitor your old email accounts for up to 72 hours in case there are any emails misrouted during the transition.

Enjoy your upgrade to Microsoft 365!

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