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Cheap Domain Names and Web Hosting in Singapore

Transfer domain name to elite

The most secure
home for your
domain name.

All transfers include one free year.
Transferring multiple domains? Get started now.

Transfer domain name to elite

The most secure home for your domain name.

All transfers include one free year.
Transferring multiple domains? Get started now.
Transferring a domain to ELITE is simple.
unlock your domain in singapore ready for transfer to elite

Step 1

Unlock your domain name that you would like to transfer at your current registrar.

elite transfer tool in singapore

Step 2

Carry out a search for your current domain using The Elite Web Co., transfer tool.

enter your code to transfer your domain in singapore to elite

Step 3

Enter your authorization code and the transfer will be confirmed. If your current domain registrar needs our transfer code or IPS tag, enter the following: WILDWEST

congratulations your domain is successfully transferred to elite in singapore

Step 4

Sit back and relax! Most transfers will complete within 5-7 days. Monitor the domain transfer progress in your Elite Web Co dashboard.

Why transfer domains to ELITE?

As one of the world’s top registrars, we have earned trust by registering millions of domains and providing exceptional care for each one. If your current domain provider fails to meet your expectations in terms of pricing, support, and service, or if you desire to consolidate your domains in a single location, it may be time for a change—and we are here to assist you. Our primary objective is to streamline the transfer process, ensuring simplicity, so you can focus on more significant aspects of your life.

Automatic. No tech skills required.

With our automated, swift, and secure transfer process, you can quickly transition and start operating without delay. The majority of the domain transfer occurs seamlessly in the background, freeing up valuable time for you to concentrate on your upcoming big adventure.

Centralize multiple domains.

Centralizing multiple domains under a single provider can greatly simplify your life. Our aim is to ensure that the process is effortless and hassle-free for you, making it easier than ever to manage all your domains in one place.

Management made easy.

Whether you need subdomains, forwarding, or any other domain-related features, we have you covered. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses all your requirements. Additionally, our user-friendly domain management tools are designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Always up to date.

In order to ensure your domains are always up and operating, we will monitor them constantly and diligently.

Worldwide support.

When it comes to domain names, your options are not limited to just .com. We offer a wide selection of domain names in various languages and extensions, providing you with ample choices. Moreover, no matter your location, our dedicated team of friendly experts is available to provide human support and assist you every step of the way.

Free external and internal domain transfers

Elite's domain name portfolio allows you to transfer between accounts free of charge, as well as externally to and from other registrars and service without any additional fees!

Why transfer domains to ELITE.

With millions of domains registered, we’re one of the worlds leading registrars you can trust and we know how to take care of your domains. If your current domain provider isn’t giving you the pricing, support, and service you need, if you want to consolidate your domains in one place or it’s just time for a change — we can help. Our goal is to make the transfer process as simple as possible so that you can get on with more important things in your life.

Automatic. No tech skills required.

Our automated, speedy, and risk-free transfer process allows you to get up and running immediately. Moving your domain takes place mostly behind the scenes, giving you more time to focus on your next major project.

Centralize multiple domains.

Having several domains centralised with a single provider can make life easier. We make the procedure easy and stress-free for you.

Management made easy.

Subdomains? Forwarding? All of this and more is what we do. Furthermore, our domain management tools are simple to use and understand.

Always up to date.

We keep an eye on your domains in real time to ensure they're always up and operating.

Worldwide support.

You aren't restricted to .com domains. Choose from a large number of domain names in a variety of languages and extensions, as well as friendly human support no matter where you are.

A home for it all.

Transfer your email.

Our team of experts will efficiently take care of the migration of your emails, contacts, documents, and folders with swift precision. The best part is that they perform these transfers seamlessly in the background, at your convenience, ensuring that your email account remains uninterrupted throughout the process. Rest assured, your data will be seamlessly transferred without any hassle on your end.

transferring your email in singapore to elite
Transferring your website in singapore to the elite web co

Transfer your website.

One click is all it takes to effortlessly migrate your website to Elite. Whether you would rather move it to your existing domain name or a temporary domain, the process is quick and straightforward. Once the migration is complete, you have the opportunity to conduct a brief inspection of your site before publishing it live.

Sabrina B

The ELITEWEB.Co (Singapore) call center

No.1 award-winning expert support

We all know that even the most advanced technology is only as good as the people who put it together. That’s why, in addition to a variety of other services, we provide skilled phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are one of very few web hosts in Singapore that are open around the clock.

Call +65 6349-4259 to reach our technical support team.

Frequently Asked Questions about Domain Transfers:

At ELITE, Domain transfers are charged per name at a flat fee, so you’ll pay nothing beyond this initial cost and ICANN registration, where appropriate. We also let you keep any time left on your current registrations — and throw in a free year of registration for each transfer*. Depending on how many domains you’re moving, this could add up to significant savings.

  1. Make sure the email address listed for the administrative (admin) contact on each domain is up-to-date. Your current registrar might use this address to communicate with you during the transfer process. For .au domains, the admin contact is called the registrant contact.
  2. Next unlock each of the domain names you’d like to transfer. Contact your current registrar for details on how to do this.
  3. You may need an authorization code (sometimes called a transfer key or EPP code) from your current registrar. This isn’t necessary in all cases, such as when transferring country-code Top-level Domain Names (ccTLDs). If the authorization codes aren’t shown in your account manager, ask your current registrar to email them to you.
  4. Buy ELITE domain transfers for up to 500 of your domain names at once, listing each one on a separate line in our bulk domain transfer tool. If the extension you’d like to transfer isn’t listed, you can’t transfer that domain to us.

Under Select Your Transfer Nameservers, choose one of these options:

a) Keep my current nameservers. If your transferred domain name is associated with an active website, choose this option to make sure there’s no interruption in site performance during the transfer.
b) Switch to ELITE’s park nameservers. If you have an email with us for the domain name, are using our Off-site DNS, or created a Premium DNS transfer template prior to the transfer, select this option.

NOTE: If you select this option and are not using Off-site DNS or a Premium DNS transfer template, we park the domain name on our parking nameservers and create a default zone file in your account with us. You can use the Zone File Editor in the DNS Manager to customize the new zone file. For more information, see Managing DNS for Your Domain Names.

Please note there are special instructions for transferring .uk, .ca, .eu, .es, .se and .au domain names to ELITE.

Domains can be transferred almost any time. However, ICANN prohibits domain transfers within 60 days of registration or prior transfer (.au excepted). ICANN policy.

Please note there are special instructions for transferring .uk, .ca, .eu, .es, .se and .au domain names to ELITE.

When transferring to elite your existing domain registrar may ask for our transfer code or epp code to locate who we are. ELITE’s EPP or Transfer Code is as shown in uppercase(important): WILDWEST

Absolutely. Track the progress of your transfers by following these steps:

  1. Log in to My Account on ELITE.
  2. Next to Domains, click the Launch button.
  3. In the upper left, pull down the Domains menu and click Pending Transfers. You should see the following info for each transfer domain name:

Status — This tells you where in the transfer process you are. Hover over the progress bar for any transfer, click the ? icon, or click the Action Required or Error link that displays for details.

Admin Email — This field shows the email address linked with that domain name.

Upon the expiration of your domain, you will be charged annually to maintain the domain. The price is the then-current annual retail price applicable to the domain.

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