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.store domain names

The web address
that says 'Buy Now'.

Available now! For only

$55.99 / yr

.store domain names

The web address
that says 'Buy Now'.

Available now! For only

$55.99 / yr

.store domain names

The web address
that says 'Buy Now'.

Available now! For only

$55.99 / yr

Start your .store domain search now.

Lowest Domain Prices in 2024 * No hidden 2 year sign ups.
Lowest Domain Prices in 2024!
No hidden 2 year sign ups.

Start your .store domain search now.

Why choose .store?

.store is the perfect space for your online shop, as a domain that is specifically tailored to the e-commerce market, it is a great option for new start-ups, small business and established brands and shops. It is the best way to create a relevant space online for your brand and to connect with more customers. 

Quite simply it is a domain that screams ‘Buy Now’ and ‘We sell products’, it will leave no doubt in viewers minds of why they are visiting your web address. To them it’ll be like visiting the store in real life.

It's not just for online .stores.

This new domain extension definitely isn’t just for online shops/stores, it can also be used in other ways and for other industries such as the storage industry, such as:

  • Retailers that sell memory cards, hard drives and other means of electrical storage.
  • Hosting agencies who rent/sell server space.
  • Also physical storage companies, for those who need extra storage space, or are moving house and need somewhere to store their belongings temporarily.

What are the benefits of a .store domain name?

A .store domain name offers several benefits, particularly for businesses and individuals involved in e-commerce or those looking to establish a strong online presence for their retail-related activities. Here are some of the key advantages of using a .store domain name:

  1. Relevance: A .store domain is highly relevant for online stores and e-commerce businesses. It immediately conveys the nature of your website, making it clear that you are a retail or shopping destination.

  2. Memorability: .store is a short and memorable domain extension, making it easier for customers to remember your website address when looking for products or services.

  3. Brand Identity: It can help you create a strong and distinctive online brand identity, especially if your business revolves around selling products or services.

  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Having a relevant domain extension like .store can positively impact your search engine rankings. It can improve the chances of your website appearing in search results when users look for products you offer.

  5. Trust and Credibility: A .store domain can enhance your website’s trustworthiness and credibility, as it clearly indicates your business’s focus on selling products.

  6. Brand Protection: Registering a .store domain can help protect your brand name online, preventing others from using it for malicious purposes or to create confusion among your customers.

  7. Availability: .store domains typically have more availability, so you have a better chance of finding your desired domain name compared to more common extensions like .com.

  8. Marketing Opportunities: You can use the .store domain creatively in marketing campaigns and promotions, reinforcing your brand’s retail identity.

  9. Localization: If you have a physical store or retail presence, you can use a .store domain to complement your brick-and-mortar business, providing information about your products and location.

  10. Global Reach: While .store implies a retail focus, it doesn’t limit your audience geographically. You can reach customers worldwide, making it suitable for businesses with international aspirations.

  11. E-commerce Integration: Many e-commerce platforms and website builders are well-equipped to work seamlessly with .store domains, simplifying the process of setting up your online store.

  12. Niche Branding: .store domains can be particularly effective for niche or specialized online stores, allowing you to clearly define your unique selling proposition and target audience.

  13. Email Matching: You can have professional and brand-consistent email addresses that match your .store domain, further enhancing your online identity.

Overall, a .store domain is an excellent choice for businesses and individuals looking to create an online presence that focuses on retail, e-commerce, or product sales. It helps you establish a strong brand identity and convey your website’s purpose clearly to potential customers.

Get your .store domain today.

With the unique domain extension you are more likely to get your first choice for a web address, this means that you can brand your site perfectly and tell potential customers what your business is about before they even click on your website. Register today and reap the benefits.

.store Domain name price comparison.

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