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VPS vs Dedicated Servers: What is the best hosting for you 2023?

William Bacchus
William Bacchus

Published: January 22, 2023

Last updated: January 19, 2023

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Dedicated Server vs VPS Hosting comparison

The best way to get your business, company, or project’s name out into the world today is through the internet. And the best way to utilize the internet to promote yourself is by launching a website. However, websites can’t just be brought and then you’re done with it. In order to make your website the best it can be, you must make a series of decisions and choices first. These decisions will vary based on what type of website you want to launch, the scale of it, and the needs and functionality of it.

One of the most important decisions is your hosting. There are many different types of hosting offered by many different companies. Two of the biggest types of hosting is VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers. You may find yourself wondering what the two are, the key differences, and where you can purchase the best hosting. This blog post will answer all of these questions you have, and even some you didn’t know you needed the answer to!

What is Hosting?

Servers host all websites on the internet. This means they store all the files, data, and information. This server can take many forms. This includes size, speed, bandwidth, and other key components that allow you to run a website. The type of server you want will depend on the type of website you are trying to build. Small websites such as blogs will want something along the lines of Web Hosting or Plesk Hosting. Contrastingly, larger websites that need more power and support will want to be on a VPS or Dedicated Server.

VPS hosting with Elite

Now that you have an understanding of hosting as a whole, let’s dive a little deeper and look at what a VPS Server is, as well as a Dedicated Server. Then, we can look at the major differences between the two.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is an environment created on a physical server that houses your website’s files. You pay for the environment, which is a virtual space dedicated to your website’s resources. However, the physical server itself is shared by other VPS users. When using a VPS, you are able to scale your resources. This means changing limits on aspects like RAM and bandwidth can be altered at your wish.

There are two different variants of VPS Hosting you can purchase; Self-Managed and Fully-Managed Hosting. If you choose Self-Managed, then the entire management of your server is up to you. If this sounds like a daunting task to you, then you can go with a Fully-Managed plan. This involves an expert support team taking care of your internal server for you, leaving you with more time to focus on other priorities.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Unlike a VPS, a Dedicated Server is a physical server that is solely dedicated to your website and your website alone. This allows you to fully customize the settings, operating systems and software used in order to optimize your website. This means that if you prefer certain processors, you have the power to alter the processor used. This allows you to choose the most beneficial resources depending on what your project is.

Much like VPS Hosting, you can purchase either a Fully-Managed or Self-Managed Dedicated Server plan. If you are able to take on the responsibilities of a server, the Self-Managed plan will save you a bit of money. However, we think it’s completely worth paying that little bit extra for a Fully-Managed plan if you don’t have the skill, time or expertize to manage a Dedicated Server by yourself.

For more information on the differences between Fully-Managed and Self-Managed Hosting, check out this helpful article.

The most important differences between Dedicated Servers and VPS’s

Now that you have a basic understanding of both types of hosting, let’s take a more detailed look at the factors that separate the two.

Resources and Performance:

When judging resource performance levels, it’s no contest in saying that Dedicated Servers do a better job. Having an entire server dedicated completely to you means that your website’s speed will be unmatched. With that being said, a VPS still manages to perform incredibly well when compared to a Dedicated Server.

Furthermore, the ability to scale your resources allows you to control the size of your website as you go. This is great for websites that may not be 100% sure on their expected visits and requirements, as you can alter certain aspects of your server as you go. This also makes a VPS an ideal choice for websites that are starting out but aspire to big things; as you grow your business, you can scale your resources with the click of a button.


Both VPS’s and Dedicated Servers operate on an isolated environment. Whilst a VPS shares the physical space, both products are incredibly secure and safe. However, no website is invincible to cybercriminals and hackers. You must ensure your website has an active SSL Certificate and further Website Security in order to maximize the safety of your website.

If you choose to purchase either type of Hosting, be sure to go with The Elite Web Co. They include a free SSL certificate with all their hosting plans, meaning any products you buy from them will be as safe as possible. Furthermore, you can have unlimited SSL certificates with their Dedicated Servers and VPS’s.

Technical Knowledge:

One of the biggest concerns regarding hosting to the average consumer is having the knowledge and experience to manage one effectively. With both a VPS and Dedicated Server, a decent amount of server knowledge is necessary if you are managing it by yourself.

However, if that is scaring you out of purchasing either Hosting Package, the solution lies in Fully-Managed Servers. In both servers, a support team will manage your internal server for you – meaning you don’t have to lift a finger. This is also a great choice if your website or company requires a lot of your time, or if you don’t necessarily have the spare time to upkeep a server. The best support will be able to remove and prevent issues on your website, but we’ll discuss the best companies for your server shortly.


Purchasing a VPS is significantly cheaper than purchasing a Dedicated Server. This comes down to the size. However, the scalability of a VPS means your pricing can change depending on your plan. Your pricing also comes down to whether you have a self-managed or fully-managed plan. Obviously, since you are paying for access to a support team you will pay an increased price for the plan.

To better understand the pricing of both types of hosting, we need to look at the plans you will be purchasing. In order to do this you need to choose your hosting company. There are many, many hosting companies out there who sell variations of VPS and Dedicated Servers. We’ve found the best hosting company out there for quality and for price.

Hosting with The Elite Web Co.

The Elite Web Co., are a hosting company that sell multiple VPS plans and Dedicated Server Hosting. The table below highlights some of the key differences between VPS and Dedicated Server hosting:

Self-Managed Hosting:

Self-Managed VPS HostingSelf-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting
Price Per Month$10.99
Performance RAM1 – 32 GB RAM32 GB – 256 GB
SSL included?NoNo
Control Panels availablecPanel/WHM, Plesk Obsidian Web Host EditioncPanel/WHM or Plesk Obsidian Webhost Edition (optional)
Dedicated IP optionsYesNo
CPU, RAM, disk & uptimeYesYes
Standard Phone SupportYesYes
Comprehensive help/how-to video library and technical blogsYesYes
Operating SystemsCentOS, Ubuntu or Windows ServerCentOS, Ubuntu or Windows
The Elite Web Co's., VPS Hosting

Fully-Managed Hosting:

Fully-Managed VPS HostingFully-Managed Dedicated Hosting
Price Per Month$107.99$260.98
Performance RAM2 – 32 GB RAM32 GB – 256 GB
SSL included?YesYes
Control Panels AvailablecPanel/WHM or Plesk Obsidian Web Host EditioncPanel/WHM or Plesk Obsidian Webhost Edition
Dedicated IP optionsYesYes
CPU, RAM, disk & uptimeYesYes
Dedicated services team – (control panel recommended)Unlimited service requestsUnlimited service requests
Site migrationsFirst 5 are free. 70% off 6+.First 5 are free. 70% off 6+.
Operating SystemsCentOS or Windows ServerCentOS or Ubuntu

To Conclude…

Choosing the right hosting is once of the most crucial decisions that can make or break your website’s success. This blog should hopefully give you a good idea on the differences between a VPS and a Dedicated Server and helped you to decide which is best choice for you and your business.

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William Bacchus
William Bacchus
Will joined the Elite team in 2021. He has a background in content writing as well as a keen interest in media journalism. His interests include taijutsu and a immense passion for film and television. He aims to inform as many people as he possibly can about the vast and often confusing nature of web design!

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