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How to manage multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard 2022

Kyle Tapping
Kyle Tapping

Published: May 19, 2022

Last updated: December 8, 2022

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How to manage multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard 2022

What is ManageWP?

In this post, we’re going to be showing you how to manage multiple WordPress websites like a pro with ManageWP. If you’re hosting multiple websites that require daily maintenance such as; plugin updates, theme updates, comment cleanups, post revision removal, translation updates, and MySQL optimization, then ManageWP is going to be your best friend. ManageWP allows you to do all of this from one user-friendly dashboard.

Above: This is the ManageWP overview dashboard, giving you a brief snapshot of what websites need updating and cleaning up.

Whilst ManageWP makes it super easy to update plugins and themes, don’t get too hasty. Remember to always keep good practice in-mind and test updates on a staging site to reveal any possible conflicts and issues that can occur.

ManageWP Features

ManageWP isn’t just a management tool, it is feature-rich and has many useful add-ons to help you automate your workflow and save time. Whilst these add-ons come at a price, when you host your website with ELITEWEB.Co you get all the premium add-ons for FREE as shown in the table below.

Pricing (per month)

Premium add-onPer Website25+ Website bundle (Max. 100 websites)Managed WordPress by ELITEAll other ELITE Web Hosting
White label$1$25$0$1
SEO ranking$1$25$0$1
Uptime monitor$1$25$0$0
Advanced client report$1$25$0$0
Automated security check$1$25$0$0
Automated performance check$1$25$0$1
Link monitor$1$25$0$1
All add-ons$150$0

Description of all ManageWP addons

You’re probably wondering what each feature does – below we have a brief explanation of each addon so you know how each one can help you.

WordPress Backups

ManageWP makes backing up and restoring your website easy, with scheduled backups and one-click restores you can put your mind at ease if anything goes wrong. This is a great premium feature that should be a minimum standard for all WordPress websites, especially those that run online stores. With ELITE’s WooCommerce hosting you not only get all of ManageWP’s premium add-ons, but you also get $6000 worth of WooCommerce extensions.

ManageWP backups include everything you need such as:

  • On-demand backups
  • Cloning/migration tool
  • Backup schedules from monthly all the way to hourly
  • Local download for backups
  • Exclude files and folders
  • Backup storage for 90 days
  • FAST backup restoration
ManageWP WordPress website backup tool
Above: ManageWP website backup dashboard.

White label

The ManageWP white-label tool allows you to re-brand the plugin and make it your own, or you can hide the plugin entirely for any developers with maintenance plans.

ManageWP white label
Above: ManageWP white labeling for clients.

SEO ranking

This tool allows you to track, monitor, and record your chosen keywords. It allows you to see key metrics all in one place including who your top competitors are. This tool is the perfect accompaniment to an SEO tool.

ManageWP SEO tool
Above: ManageWP SEO keyword tracker.

Uptime monitor

The uptime monitor does exactly what it says on the tin. It instantly notifies you when your WordPress website goes down so you can fix it before your customers or your client notice. When a website goes down, you’re losing visitors and potential revenue, with the uptime monitor you can ensure that you’re always the first to know when your website goes down.

ManageWP uptime monitor
Above: ManageWP uptime tracking.

Sucuri security check

The Sucuri security check gives you peace of mind that your website is being scanned 24/7 for any infections, blacklists, or malware. If anything is detected on your next scan you will be notified immediately so you can rectify the issue and repair any potential hacks or threats.

ManageWP Sucuri security scanner
Above: ManageWP Sucuri security scanner.

Performance check

The performance check gives you a brief insight into how well your website is performing. Much like GTmetrix it gives you two scores and grades, it also gives you an outline of what needs to be improved as shown below.

Above: ManageWP performance recommendations for improvement

The link monitor is an extremely powerful tool that checks all the links within posts and pages on your WordPress website. It gives you an overview of; Response codes, Link URLs, Link text, and which content on the page the broken link belongs to.

Broken links can have really negative effects on SEO and user experience which can result in a loss of revenue. Using the link monitor allows you to keep on top of broken links so you can fix them as soon as they’re picked up.

ManageWP Link monitor
Above: ManageWP Link monitor dashboard

Client reports

The client report module allows you to schedule and send each client a full breakdown of the changes and updates that have been made on their website. It is the perfect way to impress clients by showing just how much work it takes to maintain a WordPress website. Best of all it can be automated to help save you time.

ManageWP client report
Above: ManageWP creating a client report dashboard


It is quite clear that ManageWP provides a host of benefits to each and every WordPress website when utilized properly. If you’re a web developer, or you look after a few of your own WordPress websites, you should definitely consider hosting them with ELITEWEB.Co Managed WordPress Hosting – this will ensure that you get all of the aforementioned premium add-ons completely free, helping you save time and money.

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Kyle Tapping
Kyle Tapping
Kyle joined the Elite team in 2018. With a background in website development and search engine optimization, Kyle takes great satisfaction from spreading his knowledge to help others succeed in the world of the web. His interests include website development, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, coding, and graphic design.

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