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Elite VS Wix VS Squarespace VS Shopify: What is the fastest website builder in 2024?

Picture of William Bacchus
William Bacchus

Published: March 10, 2022

Last updated: April 3, 2024

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Elite VS Wix, Squarespace and Shopify: What is the best website builder of 2022?

If any business wants to be successful in today’s world, you’re going to need a website. Whilst the prospect of building you own website may sound scary at first- fortunately it’s easier to put together a website today than it ever has been with the handy use of Website builders. Website builders are tools that allow people who may not have any experience with technology or website development to easily build and customise their ideal website.

However, whilst on your search for the best website builder, you might realise that there are a lot of them available to you offering many different things. To make your search far easier, this article will take for 3 of the leading Website builder brands and pit them against one of Elite’s own website’s to determine which website builder is the the fastest and best one on offer for you!

Over the four sites used, we will compare the performance grade, which is how fast a page will perform as well as how well it is built for optimal performance. The loading times of these site’s home pages will also be compared.


Whilst Wix claims to be a ‘free website builder’; there is a catch in which Wix branded ads will display on your site. Not to mention how limited the customisability of the site will be. Regardless, when the website was given a speed test, here were the results:

Wix’s website gave an overall performance grade B. Whilst it doesn’t have an awful load time coming in at 1.05s, a few milliseconds could make all the difference in your guests eyes if they can find another site that’ll load quicker. When this is paired with the disadvantages of using Wix, you can see why it may not be ideal for your website to be based on.


Whilst Squarespace may look appealing with the different uses and types of sites you can build on it, some of it’s results may suggest otherwise:

With a shocking performance grade D, Squarespace may not be the right option for you. It has a painfully slow loading time of 2.21s which will more than likely rub off onto your site should you choose to build your website with Squarespace- something I’d highly advice against. There is also a fairly low level of structure in comparison to the other sites- but more on comparison’s later.


Shopify, as the name suggests, is primarily an e-commerce site used for building online stores. But will you make money selling on their pricey platform? Let’s take a look at the results and have a look:

Once again, there is a shocking performance grade D and a loading time of 3.04s for Shopify- evidently showing that it may not be the best website for your website.

Finally, we have Let’s take a look at Will’s Film Reviews– one of the websites built on Elite’s website builder– and see how it compares to the others:

Elite is the only one of the companies to have a performance grade A on Pingdom, already showing it’s superiority in comparison to the other sites. In addition to this, it has the fastest loading time of 271ms, despite Will’s Film Reviews having more content than all the other sites.

If this wasn’t enough to show that The Elite Web Co., is the elite website builder- GTmetrix also gave it a grade A, with 100% structure score (meaning it is built for optimal performance) and a 100% in performance.

Elite’s website builder is completely user friendly; so it’s not something to be afraid of if you feel that you don’t have the greatest awareness of technology. It has premade sections of content (varying from post blocks to home banners) so all you have to do is drag and drop them in. This helps to make the website builder vastly customisable, giving you the DIY website builder tools you need to build the website of your dreams.

Website builder comparison

Elite website builderElite online storeWixShopifySquarespace
GT Metrix gradeAAAC
GT Metrix performance100%93%99%81%
GT Metrix structure100%92%96%68%
Pingdom speed271ms1.05s3.04s2.21s
Pricefrom $5.99/mofrom $24.99/mofrom $6.50/mo*from $29.99/mofrom $19/mo
Buy nowBuy now
*displays ads on your website

So, which one is the fastest?

If it hasn’t already been made obvious, Elite provides the fastest website builder available. It’s speed and performance are just two of the near infinite reasons why it’s the ideal website builder for anyone looking to put their business, or hobby online.

We have compared the web builder provider’s own websites whilst Elite is showcasing a customers website because they sell many different products and use an alternative of their own web building products due to complexities required – however, this doesn’t stop them smashing other web host’s speed records which you can read more here in the Top 8 fastest web hosting providers in 2024.

What about web design?

Don’t want to build a website yourself? We don’t blame you. If you’re looking for high quality, bespoke website design, then we’ve found the right place for you. No matter what industry you’re in, their experienced web design team will work personally with you to deliver a website that reflects your business. Say goodbye to the idea of paying a web designer thousands to design a bleak, uninspired website that anyone could’ve made – Elite want to make sure you’re website is everything you dreamed it to be. Check out their portfolio of website design to see more.

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Picture of William Bacchus
William Bacchus
Will joined the Elite team in 2021. He has a background in content writing as well as a keen interest in media journalism. His interests include taijutsu and a immense passion for film and television. He aims to inform as many people as he possibly can about the vast and often confusing nature of web design!

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