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Start a web hosting business in 3 steps

Jon Jo Krupski
Jon Jo Krupski

Published: October 17, 2022

Last updated: October 17, 2022

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Start a web hosting company in 3 steps

This guide will show you how to start a web hosting business in 3 steps from start to finish. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a massive budget to get started if you follow this article. We’re going to show you exactly how to begin a web hosting company – we know because we’ve done it. And the best thing is you don’t need to be a web hosting expert to start a web hosting business. This guide is for beginners and experts alike.

5 reasons to start a web hosting business

Below are some good reasons why you should begin your own website hosting business.

Web Hosting creates a passive income

Once you have established a customer base (and you’ve outsourced your support to the right team) then you will have a passive income. In short, this means you are earning an income every month without lifting a finger. You should always aim to make your website hosting business better, but if you want to take some time off for any reason then it’s handy to have an income that keeps paying.

Supply and demand; It’s easy to sell something that everyone needs

Every business from a small shop to a large enterprise requires a web hosting business to get them online. Not to mention the other products that everyone needs in addition to website hosting such as domain names, professional email and marketing software as a bare minimum to look the part and earn trust from prospective customers. It’s important to provide a one stop shop when starting a website hosting business with the best of everything at a competitive price. This way you will appeal to all business sizes, both small and large. Be sure read our blog on how to become a domain name reseller if you’re serious about starting a web hosting business.

Honest work

Web hosting is essential to help people get their business online and helping them to earn a living. Whether a charity or a mom and pop shop, it’s highly beneficial to have your business hosted online and to send customers emails from a professional trustworthy name that matches your brand. Sell your products at an honest rate, provide them with good support and you are helping to make the world and it’s economy a better, fruitful place.

Location independent

With so many people wanting to work from home, starting a web host business is a great option as a full time business or even a side hustle in addition to your day job. You can begin selling straight away to friends and family if you’re using a white labelled service that provides a free storefront for your web hosting products. A major benefit is that you can take this business with you anywhere you like. You can be one of the coffee shop dwelling, “digital nomads” travelling the world whilst earning an income via your new web hosting business. This means you will no longer have to answer to a boss. We actually recommend travelling and networking as much as you can to spread the word about your hosting business but more on that later on.

There’s room for so many more in the market

Now the web hosting market is a competitive one to say the least but it doesn’t mean there’s not room for you in it. Nearly every business needs a website and some people don’t want to go through a commercial web host and would rather buy through someone they’ve met in person. You don’t need to aim to be the best web host in the world to be a successful one and there is room for you to give it a try.

Planning a web host reseller business
Planning your web hosting (reseller) business.

Who should become a web host reseller?

You don’t have to be a web expert to become a web host. If you own an IT company or a web design service then you should be providing these services to your customers. You can set it up on a sub domain of your existing business. Why pass it on to other businesses and handle the headaches of having it in one account, when your customers can have their own manageable hosting accounts with a separate (optional) support team? Even if you don’t run your own web design firm like we have at the WordPress Lab and you have a regular 9-5 job, or perhaps you’re already retired and bored? then this is right up your street – you can have a web host reseller business run itself. You will get out what you put in, so it’s worth doing for a bit of fun if anything else.

Options when starting a web host business

If the above appeals to you and you’re ready to get your web hosting business up and running – there is no time better than now. You have two options from here and I’ll explain all below;

1. Starting from the ground up (not recommended)

The title in this blog say start a web hosting business in 3 steps so we’re not going into the nitty gritty details of starting from scratch without using a reseller service. To be clear, if you want to go down this route it requires a lot of money, investment, time, labour and research. You will need to find data centres, make partnerships with email software firms like Microsoft, create your own marketing software, fund and train support staff, sales staff, human resources, get accredited by ICAAN to resell domain names, pay for an office building as well as provide desks, chairs, phone lines, computers, internet, parking – the list goes on! You will need some serious professional consultancy and it won’t come from a simple blog. That’s not to say we can’t offer it. Sound stressful? That’s because it is – now move to option 2 for stress relief!

2. Become a white label web host reseller (Highly recommended)

The best, cheapest and easiest way to become a web host is to become a web host reseller. This means that you are selling off the back from a company that have gone through the trials and tribulations of option 1 for you. All you have to do as a host reseller is – sell and make a commission. Sound easy? That’s because it is. You could become a white label host reseller with a website in a matter of minutes and we’re going to show you how.

Create a web hosting plan
How to create a web hosting business

How to start a web hosting business in 3 simple steps

Choose your (white label) hosting company

There are lots of things to take into consideration here. Becoming just a web host simply isn’t enough. People want and need convenience and to offer this, you need to become a ”one stop shop” for web hosting. This means you need to provide domain names, web hosting, email hosting, marketing software as a bare minimum. It will also benefit your brand to offer other essentials such as website security, web builders and anything else that may be useful to people looking to get their brand on the world wide web. There are many hosting companies that offer reseller shared hosting but very few that offer a true white labelled reseller hosting program that offers everything your customers will need including 24 hour support.

Create a web hosting domain name that stands out

Contrary to popular opinion, your domain name doesn’t need to contain keywords such as ”domains” or ”hosting” to be successful or to rank high on search engines. There are many successful businesses out there who’s names have no relevance to their product, yet when you hear their names – you think of their product. For example Apple.com doesn’t sell fruits and so on. Keep your name short, without hyphens ideally and quirky enough to market. Be sure to read our blog on how to pick a winning domain name for your business and remember your domain can be an abbreviation of your company i.e eliteweb.co is representative to The Elite Web Co., and so on.

Create a marketing strategy when starting a hosting business

social media

If you’ve followed the above steps then you will need to market your business. You should reserve social media account names on facebook and instagram to gain as much coverage as possible and be sure to read our blog on the benefits of social media marketing and how to use it to your advantage.

Traditional marketing

Business cards and leaflets work too, but the best thing you can do is get your web hosting brand recognised as a reliable business with other speaking about it, otherwise known as ”word of mouth”. You can ask friends and family to use your services instead of commercial companies.

Search engine

or if you’re prepared to invest time and money you can work on your website to rank higher on search engines and advertise locally, nationally and internationally to hit the masses. To gain rank on search engines we recommend building your reseller website on WordPress as this tends to outrank all others – we offer a free guide showing you how to boost your SEO (search engine optimization) on your wordpress website.

Online Advertising

This coincides with the above – every platform has a “paid for” advertising option but this can be pricey so be prepared to run at an initial loss if you go down this route. The good thing is that if you do it the right way and you potentially win a customer for life then it will pay you back. Much like all marketing – it’s a gamble.

How can we can help you start a hosting business?

Of course to become a successful web host depends on many different factors above. You will get out what you put in. But the easiest and most cost efficient way is to use one of The Elite Web Co’s fully white labelled hosting reseller plans.

What makes our white labelled reseller plan different from other hosts?

Well for starters we’re not afraid to compare our reselling or hosting services to other big hosting names in the market. We can honestly boast that we offer the cheapest domain names in the industry and the fastest web hosting servers in the world. The Elite Web Co., offer the lowest possible rate with full comparisons on many pages. We also highlight on some of our domain name gTLD pages where we are not the lowest cost – but we maintain having the ultimate support for our customers. Our phone support is in 56 locations around the world and we offer this to you as a part of the service.

Become a web host summary

There are many companies who now offer hosting reseller plans, but we can honestly say that we are one of VERY FEW hosts that offer the full package so that you can concentrate solely on marketing your business, so be sure to choose wisely. How successful your brand will be depends on how much you’re willing to put in. This is why we offer over $600 worth of products to help you along the way. The white labelled reseller plan includes a free website storefront so you can begin selling immediately, a super fast and easy to use web builder, a full marketing suite, a WordPress Plugin to build your own custom site, web hosting credits and much more! Not to mention a library of white label reseller hosting support articles and access to a forum of other resellers making their mark in the world.

If I’ve missed anything let us know in the comments and we’ll get back to you pronto! Thank you for reading

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Jon Jo Krupski
Jon Jo Krupski
Jon aka JJ joined the Elite team in 2017 and helped build our product line until 2019. With a keen understanding of all aspects of marketing, from SEO to email, Jon now writes for the Elite blog. Previously, he worked in advertising and journalism, writing for local newspapers in the UK before pursuing his career in digital marketing. Jon is a huge fan of the MCU and is a keen advocate of the future of the web world.

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