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13 things you can do with Elite’s DIY Website Builder

Jon Jo Krupski
Jon Jo Krupski

Published: November 17, 2021

Last updated: March 8, 2022

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You’ve purchased Elite’s easy to use website builder, you’ve likely already installed a template matching your business and input your website text, so now it’s time to get the best results out of your website. Let’s explore the Elite website builder step by step and show you it’s full potential.

Getting the full potential out of your DIY website

A website is a crucial doorway to almost every business these days. But getting online is just the start. There are so many more things you need to consider – from communicating with your customers and/or clients, to nailing your social media strategy. And Elite’s Website Builder can help you do this. Whether you’re planning your first website, a new website or are an existing Website Builder customer looking to do more, this guide will help you unlock the full power of the Elite DIY Website Builder.

With Elite’s Websites + Marketing Suite, there are even more ways Elite Website Builder can help you and your business succeed.

1 Get a fully-functioning business website in under an hour with Website Builder

Are you worried that creating your own DIY website will be too time consuming and complex? Don’t be! Elite’s (Do It Yourself) Website Builder allows you to make your own website with an intuitive interface that’s so easy to use, you can even build your site on your mobile phone. That’s right. You heard (read) it right! You can build your website on your MOBILE PHONE!

Plus, you’ll have access to hundreds of great design templates so your site will look professional without you having to spend extra on hiring a professional web designer.

In fact – our title says in well under an hour. We have a video demonstrating our website builder being used to build a website in just 15 minutes with the right preparation.

So, if you’ve been worried about the amount of time, effort and costs required to get a business website, then Elite’s Website Builder is the answer to all of your online problems.

2 Access your website’s business analytics and data

How many people are visiting your website? Are people engaging with your social media profiles? What are your latest online reviews like? How do you compare to your business competition/rivals?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could access this important information in one place?

Well, with Elite’s DIY Website Builder you can.

Elite provides you with a whole host of data about how your business is doing, and how you compare to your competitions through one dashboard. This means you don’t need to sign up and learn how to use Google Analytics which can be daunting for beginners.

It also provides recommendations on how to improve your online business, meaning that you don’t just get the raw data, but actionable advice that could make your business even better with a simple click.

InSight comes as standard on all Elite Website Builder packages.

3 Make your DIY website responsive & easy to view everywhere, on any device.

We’ve already said you can build your site on a mobile, so it probably won’t be too much of a surprise to learn that the Elite Website Builder lets you create websites look great no matter what device they’re viewed on.

You can be sure that your website visitors will have a great, optimised experience regardless of whether they’re using a phone, a tablet or a laptop.

4 Keep blogging with ease until your heart’s content

Want to add a blog to your website? Elite DIY Website Builder has you fully covered. All of our packages from smallest to largest feature the option to include a blog on your website and doing so is just as easy as setting up the rest of your site using our website builder.

Blogging is the ultimate marketing tool to get your website ranked on search engines and a great way to communicate with your customers. You can learn about how to use your blog for marketing in this guide.

To get familiar with full instructions on how to use your blog from your first set up to final tips you can use our help pages or if you’re still unsure then contact our support team 24/7.

5 Manage your social media profiles from your website

Social media is a great way to interact with customers and potential customers, but switching between multiple accounts can be somewhat time consuming. You should almost always run social media accounts when running a business these days to ensure that you’re active and trustworthy.

Elite’s Website Builder lets you link your social profiles to your site, and then allows you to monitor and reply to your social posts from your dashboard.

That means no more logging into Instagram to respond to a customer’s message, and then spending the next hour looking at pictures of cats. (Unless that’s what you want to do…we don’t judge… and we love cats too!)

Our website builder business plus plan allows you to connect an unlimited number of social profiles, and send unlimited posts and responses, while the basic and standard plans have limits on both of these features.

6 Include high-quality images in your DIY website for FREE!

Struggling to create eye-catching visuals for your website? Website builder has you covered. With any Website Builder by Elite, you’ll have full access to top-quality, professional stock images which you can quickly and easily customize to fit your brand and message.

You can learn more about how to add or replace images here.

7 Integrate email marketing suite – push emails to point to your website

Email marketing is a crucial, yet sometimes overlooked, way for small business to reach their customers.

Being able to send special offers directly to people’s inboxes is a great way to make more sales.

Elite DIY Website Builder makes it super easy to integrate your email marketing sign up form, so you can send great promotional emails directly from your Elite dashboard in one convenient place.

A popular email marketing suite which we used to use ourselves is Mailchimp but it doesn’t do anymore than Elite’s own marketing suite and after you’ve grown your customer base, Elite works out to be far cheaper than Mailchimp. You can compare the Elite Marketing Platform VS Mailchimp in this blog and see why we work out to be a lot more cost effective in the long run

You can learn how to get started with email marketing in this guide.

8 Let people send messages directly from your website

If you run an appointment-based business such as a consultancy, a hair salon or even a tree surgeon then you’ll want to remove as much hassle from the process as possible.

We find in most cases that customers require convenience and what’s more convenient than your customers being able to contact you without navigating away from your website? Elite Website Builder lets your clients contact you directly through your site using a built in contact form included in all plans! No coding required.

You’ll get a notification in your preferred email suite whenever a new message is received.

9 Improve your search engine optimisation (SEO)

Getting found in search engines is a great way to attract new customers. Website Builder helps improve your SEO by suggesting keywords that you should include on your site, and it also tracks you rankings so you can see improvements as they happen. Because our Elite’s SEO is built into the website builder it can conveniently make any changes with a simple click of a button.

This feature is available on Business plans and above or you can purchase SEO separately if you prefer the smaller Web Builder plans. Elite provides full SEO documentation and how to improve your Website Builders search engine optimisation in our help pages.

10 Get help with your with your local SEO

If you’re trying to attract customers through the door of a business (a restaurant, coffee shop or showroom for example) or you run a business that serves a specific local area (such as a garage door fitter or supplier) then you need to think about local search engine optimisation.

You’ve probably seen a Google search result like the one below and you may have wondered “how can my business be included on a map listing like that?”

Above shows a search example on google. When typing in the relevant search terms the highest ranking google business page is first (after adverts typically) followed by the highest ranking website which is run by Elite’s own WP LAB

Well, the first step to take is setting up a Google My Business page. The good news is that we provide a guide right here on how to achieve this – this isn’t included in the DIY website builder but it is a free and crucial element to your SEO game and you can copy your website URL into Google Business allowing people to navigate to your website with ease. We are planning to integrate the website builder with Google Business in the near future so that you can set up the Business page from your website builder.

You can learn more about the importance of Google My Business in this guide.

11 Sell products online with Elite’s DIY Website Builder

In the past if you wanted to sell products online you’d have to fork out for a bespoke ecommerce site that could set you back thousands of pounds.

With the website builder online store you can build a fully-fledged ecommerce site with up to 5,000 products and with up to 10 images per product while being hosted on a rapid fast server that blows other e-commerce hosting providers away.

Elite’s Online Store + Website Builder now competes with the likes of Shopify when comparing online shopping platforms, except Elite is listed at a fraction of the price!

12 Get started with a discount

Although you’ll need a paid plan to use all the powerful features we’ve talked about in this article, you can get started with Website Builder for an extremely low price compared to rival companies.

Action PlanSmart, tailored recommendations gathered from insights across Elite’s millions of customers.
The Action Plan feature is designed to guide the everyday entrepreneur on what to do,
and how your website, social media and listing sites are performing.
Cross channel metrics & reviewsLets you quickly monitor activity and reviews on your website, and Facebook, Google and
Instagram profiles all in one place.
Website scoreThe new Website Builder dashboard gives you InSight score showing how your business compares
to competitors, and provides tips on how to boost it.
Persistent Action Plan and guidanceYou’ll be reminded of the next step in your Action Plan on a regular basis,
so you’ll never lose track of what you need to do next to make your business even better.
Theme customizerSee how your website could look across 20+ designs that vary in layout, font, style, and colour.
Just like an Instagram filter, you can instantly apply the new design in a few clicks.
Google My Business intergrationCreate and track your Google My Business account from your website dashboard.
Google My Business is crucial if you want your business to appear on Google Maps.
Coming SoonNoNoNo
Instagram connectConnect your Instagram account to monitor statistics and posts.Yes!NoNoNo
Customer connectionsElite’s Website Builder gives you a central location to engage with your customers and subscribers,
whereas rival products require the use of a third-party app.
Yes!Via AscendVia Customer
Contact management
& ability
to create
“customer groups”
for campaigns
Unified composerComposer provides an easy way for you to quickly create and launch
the same message across multiple outlets.
From a central place, you can create a message or campaign and quickly
send it out via email and publish it to Facebook.

13 Super Fast Speed

Elite’s website builder is purpose built on it’s servers and outputs images optimised without any effort meaning that your website will be rapid compared to others. This is a crucial factor to get your website ranked among other competitors. The Elite DIY website builder will typically have a very high (usually highest) available GT Metrix rank available with average load times of 439 milliseconds.

Summing up

Website Builder is easy to use and with it you can create almost any kind of website you want. You can learn how to get started in this guide, and of course Elite is here to support you 24/7 wherever you are in the world.

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Jon Jo Krupski
Jon Jo Krupski
Jon aka JJ joined the Elite team in 2015 and helped build our product line until 2019. With a keen understanding of all aspects of marketing, from SEO to email, Jon now writes for the Elite blog. Previously, he worked in advertising and journalism, writing for local newspapers in the UK before pursuing his career in digital marketing. Jon is a huge fan of the MCU and is a keen advocate of the future of the web world.

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